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Welcome to Charters Connect

Former students and staff of Charters School can update their details quickly and easily online.  The Charters Connect database will allow you to 

  • Search for friends from the past.
  • Network professionally.
  • View information about forthcoming events.
  • Post your own picture and caption.
  • Become a mentor
  • Keep us up to date with what you are doing now

Please note that you will only see others' details if they have given permission for us to disclose them. Similarly, if you would like others to be able to see your details, you need to tick the box adjacent to each entry in order to disclose it.

All details are held securely by InTouch Software and in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. Your details will not be passed to other organisations or used for any purpose other than promoting the welfare of your school and better links between the School and its current and former pupils. Please note that core data (which is in the public domain and consists of your name, date of birth, your year of admission and your year of leaving) is automatically made available to other Alumni.


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